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Man selling raw steak meat outside polling place

6 Nov

There is a man selling raw steak meat outside my polling place. #onlyinBaltimore


Swim like a dolphin, drink like a fish

31 Jul

Olympics cheer, or keg stand chant?

Free Wife

27 Oct


Caribou Coffee, 1 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

Just in time for the start of my diet!

11 Jul

Spotted this at the Walmart in Bowie, Maryland.

Aluminum Foil Gone Wild

20 Jun

Aluminum Foil Gone Wild

Originally uploaded by spam991

At the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Anna gazes upon a massive display of items by James Hampton gaudily adorned primarily with aluminum foil. This, my friends, is true American art.

Eclectic Baltimore band being formed

18 Jun

Here’s an ad I saw at Golden West Cafe yesterday, posted by someone looking to start a band with a really ambitious myriad of influences.

Ride the Butt Express

4 Jun

Ride the Butt Express

Originally uploaded by spam991

Only in Baltimore.

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